Tenant Handbook

Payments / Billing Address

Rent and tenant charges are due and payable on the first day of each month. As a courtesy Tenant charge statements are sent to each tenant. The billing address should be established prior to move in and is listed among the “Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Move In”.


All payments should be made via wire transfer or ACH to: “PW Owner, LLC

By Wire Transfer:

Bank of America
ABA # 026009593
Acct # 334037168309
Account Title:  PW Owner, LLC


By Mail:

PW Owner, LLC
P.O. Box 745322
Atlanta, GA  30374-5322


By Overnight Delivery:

Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 745322
6000 Feldwood Road
College Park, GA  30349



Bank of America
Account # 334037168309
Account Title:  PW Owner, LLC
ACH routing# 061000052

All checks should be made out to “PW Owner, LLC”

If you have questions regarding payment method, your statement or account, please contact the Management Office.