Tenant Handbook

Tenant Responsibilities Prior to Moving In

Your move-in will be coordinated with the Management Office in order to facilitate a smooth, efficient relocation. Any arrangement for various trades such as telephone installation, copier installation, etc., should be set up through the Management Office. (All moves must be scheduled prior to 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. and/or anytime on Saturday and Sunday.)


Many of the items that need to be completed before moving in are listed below:

    1. Notify the Management Office regarding the following:
      1. Your needs regarding corridor identification plaques and main lobby directory strips.
      2. The name of the tenant representative who will have responsibility for approval of expenditure and setting of policy relating to your suite.
      3. The phone number of your new office.
      4. The move-in date.
      5. The name of person to contact with your firm’s mover.
      6. The date you desire to inspect your suite prior to occupancy.
      7. The number of suite keys you desire. The first five are complimentary - there is a charge for additional keys.
      8. The names of handicapped employees.
      9. The names and addresses for rent billings and other tenant charges.
    1. Provide the Post Office with change of address information.
    2. Notify the telephone company to arrange for installation of new phones and equipment.
    3. Moving Procedures
      1. All items to be moved in must be taken into the building through the loading dock located on the side of the building.
      2. Movers must contact the Management Office prior to moving tenant materials or furniture. The mover will be required to provide identification and state the name of the tenant being moved.
      3. Movers will protect the walls and floors of any base building area used during the move. Failure to do so will halt the move.
    4. Clean-up

The moving company and the tenant will be responsible for leaving the building and premises clean by removing all cartons and other trash generated in the move.

    1. Property Damage

Any and all damage to the building, elevator areas, doors, corridors, tenant spaces, or grounds which the tenant, moving company or its employees or agents cause will be the responsibility of the tenant. Required repairs will be accomplished by the Landlord with the expense billed to the responsible tenant.


The following section defines specific information that your mover should be told. A copy of this section should be given to those moving companies bidding on your move.