Tenant Handbook

Tenant Service Request Procedures

To facilitate a quick response, tenants should be familiar with the following procedures for requesting services:

  1. Each tenant should register with the Management Office for access to the building work order request system (Angus).  This will enable designated personnel from each tenant to make requests which are directly dispatched immediately to the assigned management, maintenance or operational personnel.  The Management Office will respond to your request as soon as possible. Typically, within 24 hours or sooner.
  2. You may also call the Management Office at 770-805-0706 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for work order requests.  Be prepared to provide the following information:
    a.    Tenant’s name
    b.    Suite number
    c.    Contact telephone number
    d.    Name of the individual requesting service
    e.    Nature of request or problem (temperature, electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  3. If the work order requires billing from the Management Office, the tenant will be required to sign the approval for the work order prior to the service being provided and an approval signature when the work order service or repair is completed.
  4. The appropriate building personnel will be dispatched to service your request. Response time to the request will vary, but the request can usually be categorized in the following manner:
    a.    Emergency (water leak, electrical power loss) - immediate response
    b.    Comfort Call (HVAC temperature) - next available ops engineer
    c.    Cleaning Request - handled that evening by the night cleaning crew or by the day porter depending on request scope.