Tenant Handbook

The Paces West Management Team

The Building Management Office is located in Building Two, Suite 125. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and is closed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. To contact the Building Management Office, please call (770) 805-0706. During non-business hours, the building on-site security staff is available to take your message. We will respond to your inquiry at the earliest opportunity.

On-site security may be contacted through the management office (770) 805-0706 or at the security desk:  

Building One:  678-213-4184 Desk / Cell 470-693-0908

Building Two: 678-213-4185 Desk / Cell 470-693-0875

The Management Team of Paces West is comprised of the following individuals, all of whom can be reached through the Building Management Office:

Title Responsibilities
Property Manager Provides on-site management; coordinates all Building activities.
Asst. Property Manager Assists the General Manager in the execution of building projects, operations and management functions.
Chief Engineer

Provides on-site infrastructure and operations management; coordinates all building infrastructure, operations activities, and regulatory compliance and construction projects.


Emergency Manager

Sandra Grice – Assistant General Manager

The Emergency Manager’s primary responsibility is to coordinate and implement an effective evacuation of the building's occupants in case of a serious fire or other situations that might require evacuation. Further responsibilities include the preparation, monitoring and implementation of a training program for tenant Fire/Safety Wardens. The Emergency Manager also is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the emergency procedures during an emergency condition.

Incident Commander

Randall Whitten - Chief Engineer

The Incident Commander is responsible for all on going incidents and in the implementation of the fire evacuation plan and actions taken by the building's emergency assistance team prior to the arrival of the Cobb County Fire Department. The Incident Commander will coordinate with and assist the responsible municipal emergency services (Fire Department, emergency services personnel, EMS) in briefing as to seriousness, location, access and type of emergency condition while explaining actions taken prior to the arrival of the municipal emergency services (Fire Department, emergency services personnel, EMS).

Emergency Respondent Team

Randall Whitten – Chief Engineer

Daniel Melton - Lead Engineer

Rogelio Arroyo-Ruiz - Operating/Building Engineer

Katherine Brooks-Sr. Property Manager

Sandra Grice - Assistant Property Manager

Theresa Ross - Property Administrator

Todd Jordan - Director of Security

On Duty Security Officers - Security Officer

The Emergency Respondent Team consists of management team emergency respondent volunteer personnel who would assist the Incident Commander, the Safety Director and Fire Department personnel in the event of an emergency condition at the property.


Tenant Fire Safety Wardens

To be appointed by tenant management.

Tenant Fire Wardens are responsible for implementing the orderly and safe

evacuation of their space and personnel upon notification from the building Fire Alarm System, Emergency Notification System, the Public-Address System, Building Emergency Respondent Personnel or Fire Department Personnel. Tenant Fire Wardens should attend the annual Fire Warden's Meeting and have current evacuation procedures in place for their space. They must also be responsible for appointing Deputy or Alternate Fire Wardens to assist them in an emergency condition and to serve in the capacity of Fire Warden if the designated Fire Warden is not in the office.

There must be a Fire Warden and an Alternate or Deputy Fire Warden appointed to manage personnel and emergency procedure operations for every fifty (50) tenant occupants.