Tenant Handbook


The actual relocation of your company's business begins with your ideas on how you would like your space to function and ends with the Tenant Services Representative providing you with the related property safety, security and operations information and handing you the keys to your front door. In between, there is a tremendous amount of planning, estimating, and decision making that must be done, all within the time frame set forth in the lease. Many different people are involved in the process. We will assist you in every way possible to ensure a smooth and comprehensive relocation.

This section will cover the following tenant moving specification procedures:
1.    Tenant Relocation Checklist
2.    Use of Building Facilities/Elevators
3.    Tenant Charges
4.    Instructions to Tenants and their Movers
5.    Certificate of Insurance

We request that you read this section carefully as it pertains to all aspects of your move, in or out, of Paces West. These procedures also apply to any move undertaken during the term of your lease. It is also important that your mover familiarize itself with this section thereby ensuring a timely, efficient and safe move. The Management Office requests that both tenants and movers adhere to these procedures.

Please review and utilize information in the Occupant Handbook. Please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at (770) 805-0706 or any member of the Crocker Partners Management Team. We are ready to help you in any way we can.


This checklist is to be used as a preparation guide for your move.


A. _________

Select move-in or move-out date.  Please refer to the “Instructions to Tenant and Movers” section for categories B through F.


B. _________

Hire a mover and provide the company with information regarding building procedures and insurance requirements.


C. _________


Obtain name of mover and person to contact.

D. _________

Supply the Management Office with moving information by telephone at (770) 805-0706 and follow up letter/email.


E. _________

Send Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office for all Contractors, vendors and moving contractor, by mail or email evidencing the moving company’s insurance as required by the Management Office.


F. _________

Schedule Loading Dock and Freight Elevator for move.


G. _________

Contact Telecommunications and IT Company to install telephone and data systems.  Provide information and COI to Management Office.


H. _________

Provide telephone number of your new suite to the Management Office.


I. _________

Request keys for new Suite from the Management Office.


J. _________

Request after-hours access cards from the Management Office.


K. _________

Provide Suite signage information to the Management Office.


L. _________

Provide the Management Office with your emergency contact personnel information.


M. _________

Complete Fire/Life Safety Information Form.


N. _________

Provide Management Office with a list of names of handicapped or restricted mobility employees in your Suite.


O. _________

Management Office with signage and list of names for the lobby directory board.


P. _________

Provide the Management Office with the name of Tenant Representative responsible for approval of expenditures and setting of policy relative to your Suite.


Q. _________

The names and addresses for rent billings and other tenant charges.


R. _________

Schedule walk-through inspection of space with Building Management and General Contractor.


S. _________

Meet with the Management Office to discuss outstanding matters throughout move.