Tenant Handbook

Special Keying

All keys in the Building are included in a Building Master Key System. This key system is necessary so that the building staff, Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Personnel have access to all areas in the event of an emergency.

For this reason, we require that no locks be changed or additional locks/bolts added to any door within your suite. If additional lock work for your suite is necessary, this service must be coordinated through the Building Management Office.  All non- compliant and or non-proprietary keying by the tenant shall be corrected at the sole and complete expense of the tenant including any additional service or administrative fees.

As standard Building policy, we re-key each suite before new tenants move in. This insures the security of that space for the new tenant. If you would like additional keys to any of the locks in your suite, they can be obtained through the Building Management Office.

In response to your internal security needs, we can provide additional services which include:

  • Separate keying of individual offices
  • Re-keying the entire suite
  • Installation of security systems throughout the space

Please submit request for Access Card or Key Request via Angus work order system.