Tenant Handbook

HVAC After Hours Request

HVAC provided after normal building hours is provided upon request and submittal via Angus work order system. Some floors are equipped with a card reader system to activate after hours HVAC. After hours HVAC is billable at the rate specified in your lease or at market rates which are updated as electrical costs increase or decrease.


Space Heater Policy: The purpose of this policy is to promote the safety of the Paces West Tenants.  The following restrictions on the use of personal and/or office area appliances are effective immediately. The use of electric space heaters (or those fueled by other means) is strictly prohibited at Paces West.  Electric space heaters pose a safety risk and fire hazard by overloading building electrical circuits. They are also a very inefficient means of providing heat and often result in the discomfort of occupants in nearby offices or work areas. Individuals who believe their work area is too cold may contact the Management Office at (770) 805-0706 or submit a work order request to have their space evaluated.